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Get married, get settled, have kids, have this……. have that …ufff ….too much to handle. Does every couple need to live the same way? If you ask us then our answer would definitely be a big no. Having a routine life is something we both hate to have. We were two individuals with a burning passion to travel the world.

When two people with the same passions starts their life journey together, then it is something beyond anything you could ever wish for. But certainly a thing to experience. With that very thought our passion for traveling made us the Trip Jodi.

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.

“It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you.”

Why Tripjodi

There is a popular belief that it’s nearly impossible even to think about a trip without any fuzz after marriage. But what we learned from our experience is just the opposite. As a couple, each trip has helped us to make our bond stronger. But being the trip Jodi is more than just breaking any social convention or attitude. It’s more of us being ourselves and living in the way which we always wished for. It’s the lifestyle which we choose for ourselves.

It seemed to be crazy for all the people around us because we both have our own respective job and such stuffs. Also, we were not really settled. But after a few months we really made it and which results in to be the first ever travel couple in India. Our journey has just begun and we know it will continue forever.


Travel Researcher

A hardcore travel junkie spiced up with the love for food. Amazoner by profession and a home maker for love



A professor with a passion to explore and travel. Capturing each moments through his passion for photography . A backpacker for life

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The travel story of the very first couple travellers from kerala. To know more about our travel stories featured in media have a look. Wish to make us a part of your journey feel free to click here

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