Searching about Kerala Tourism you get to see google suggesting us places, and among them on top will be about the Houseboat experience at the Allapuzha backwaters.We are going to share our experience and other information regarding the booking, pricing, food available.


To enjoy the Houseboat experience, Trip Jodi was not alone.The trip to Alapuzha back water was a continuation of our Vagamon trip( check or Vagamon lake experience here 🙂
Alleppey Kerala Houseboat Tripjodi
We had other couples from different parts of India with us. We started off from Vagamon and it took us 4 hours to reach Allapuzha, we already had booked an entire HouseBoat for the day (i.e from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm) . There were huge Houseboats aligned parallel  to each other at Pallaturathi, which was our the boarding point. The third one was the boat booked by us. Owner of the boat instructed us to remove our foot wares and we hopped over two boats through a wooden log connecting the boats.

Inside the House Boat :

As soon as we stepped on the huge Houseboat we started exploring it moving around to check wat all facilities are there. It was exactly like a house with a dinning space two bedroom( with  A/C, fan light) and attached bathrooms, there is a full-fledged kitchen, upstairs there is a spacious area to sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of backwaters and other see other Houseboats moving around. Its exactly like a House which is shaky and is moving cozy.
Alleppey Kerala Houseboat Tripjodi


Lunch was arranged in the House Boat itself, all the delicious dishes were served on the dining table and we enjoyed our lunch sailing. All the Dishes served were authentic Kerala tastes, it included the famous ” Kareemeen fry”  the view was really amazing, on the sides of the canal we saw kids going on small boats, as if they are the substitutes of by-cycles on road. Each house has a boat parked in-front of their house for travelling from this end to the other easily with out any traffic.
Lunch at kerala Houseboat
After lunch the HouseBoat driver parked the boat near a toddy shop and few few liters of toddy was brought in to boat as a refreshment for the gentlemen to get refreshed. Most of them were tasting toddy for the first time and they liked it. We in /kerala do prepare a dish named Appam, for which we use the toddy in small amount for fermentation.
After taking a round on the back waters the boat turned a U turn and stopped to the point where we had boarded.
Alleppey Kerala Houseboat Tripjodi
It was first time experience for most of  the couples who had joined us and all were very much happy with the House Boat experience.

Notes :

1) We got discounts while booking, if you are planning to book then do contact us we can provide you Houseboat experience at a cheaper rate.
2) Be very careful if travelling with small kids.
3) The food on board is costly. When you make the booking they arrange food for you as per the head count and extra food if asked will be expensive, even the toddy is is charged double.
4) Night stay on boat a good idea or not- If you wish to stay for a one time experience then its fine or if you want to travel in less expense then you can opt for day time sail, because after 5:30 pm no house boats are allowed to move so they will just park the boat near by and the boat will be still in one place with little movements. They charge a lot if you opt to say for a night.
5) Other than House Boats there are ferry boats and public transport boats that you can try as well.
6) Do not miss to taste the “Kareemean fry”
7) There are many other spots to visit from Pallathurathi- The Allpuzha beach being the closest.
Alleppey Beach Tripjodi
Have you ever gone cruising in a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala? If you haven’t, make sure you do. This is easily one amongst the most remarkable and unique experiences that our state has to offer. Take a leisurely journey along Kerala backwaters on luxurious Allepey houseboats.
Alleppey Beach Tripjodi
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