“From birth man carries the weight of gravity on his sholders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.”

We experienced the freedom of being underwater.. 🌊

“Its funny how our planet is called EARTH , although Oceans cover 71% of it. If you really want to see the world, then Scuba Dive gives you access to the 2/3 that you have been missing out so long.”


Yes friends we decided to get the taste of Scuba Diving. It was an exciting thing for Ebichan but for me it was not the same, I always felt world underneath sea is not safe, what if my breathing regulator  doesn’t work, there can be lots of fishes and big creatures out there which were haunting me in my imagination. Even with this fear, I gathered courage to dive.

We did scuba diving at Kovalam, Kerala through Bond Ocean Safari.

On the day of Diving

Bond ocean safari have expert divers who have diving experience of 18+ years.
First of all They asked us to go through the paper formalities

And then Subin, the Scuba Diving Instructor gave us a briefing about scuba diving. He educated us on the equipments that are used for scuba diving and shared his experiences with us

Subin briefing instructions

After the briefing session at the Bond Safari’s beautiful office. We were asked to wear the wetsuit of our sizes and taken to beautiful Kovalam Beach – which is hardly 500 meters from their office.

Finally Subin trained us well to dive, how to use the equipments in addition to that he taught the language used for underwater communication.

The Diving Experience

Once the diving training completed, our instructors held the buoyancy jackets

I started to sink, it was slowly getting darker and darker. It was scary for me in the beginning. The thought of leaving the land I had always known and entering in to another mysterious world was scary.
For few minutes I did not blink my eyes and did what ever my instructor actioned me to do. Moving forward I got confidence to use the breathing apparatus. As I got comfortable I looked around and realised that life underwater moves in a slow pace.
there is silence all around – and the only sound I could hear that of the bubbles of air I was leaving out.
Around us, we saw many number of beautiful fishes, crabs crawling across, coral reefs and they were not bothered of us.
It was really awesome experience, fear towards sea had vanished after making a peep in to it.
The dive was of 25 minutes and I don’t realise when time passed and instructor asked me to flatten our jackets.
Hmmm… Zooooom .. I was floating on sea and shore was few meters away.
You Don’t have to go to🌴 Andaman and Nicobar Island 🌴for Scuba Diving, 🐬when it’s available in our own Kerala. We take this opportunity to give a dive underwater🐠 to experience the beautiful world underneath.🐡

Words are not enough to express the joy and fun underwater, that’s why we made a video for you guys.🐟
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For Tripjodi Fans here is an amazing offer to dive https://goo.gl/XUjh2T
For details and to dive http://bondsafarikovalam.com