Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!

Waterfalls are everyone’s favorite.

The view of water gushing down from a hill top is nature’s marvel.


This Sunday we The Trip Jodi visited a waterfall. The name of waterfall is similar to famous Indian cricket player M.S Dhoni. I am talking about The Dhoni Waterfalls located 15 kilometres from Palakkad town.

We reached there at 10.AM. In the entrance there is big gate and the whole area is preserved by electric fence. Getting inside is the ticket counter, talking to one of the guard man we came to know that the waterfalls is in the middle of this dense forest and to reach there we will have to trek for 4 kilometres. People cannot go in small groups . Forest department officials have set 3 batch timings 9:30 AM,11:30 AM and 2:00 PM.
We had to wait till 11.30 AM to start our trek. It was 11.00 AM, crowd was there near ticket counter.


Meanwhile we found a man setting up his lime juice and buttermilk stall on a table near to main gate. To pass time we had chit-chat with him, he said he puts up this stall only on Sundays and Saturdays, we even tried buttermilk – The special soda butter milk was yummy.

Sharp 11.30 AM the counter opened Ticket fee was 100 Rupees. Students from Karpagam College of Engineering also joined us for the trek.

Karpagam College of Engineering Students with Tripjodi

Starting off was really energetic, Forest department have made proper  zig-zag trail, paved with stones and have hairpin bends between the forest to make the trek easy. But we preferred to go through the short cuts with few young bloods, steep path which were not chosen by many.

We took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

On the way we even got confused, not aware, as the shortcut was diverging in to two directions. It was exciting. There were big rocks and tree branches in our way. We had great adventure in finding new paths and moving forward.

We found fresh water streams in the trail, where we halted to kill the thirsty throat by drinking the water.
Finally we reached the Falls, there were people who came on the previous timing batch 9.30 AM.


The waterfall and the premises is kept very clean. Guides were very strict holding a big Knife. They allowed the visitors to just dip the feet in water and did not allow go too much into the water.

The guide said its a 14 feet depth just below the waterfalls and many people have lost their lives entering inside this waterfalls and its drinking water source for many. Hence the government restrict the visitors from entering near the falls.

For those who were very much interested to enjoy in water, he suggested while going down there is stream having enough water to play in and is very safe.

After enjoying the beauty of falls we returned back and finally reached the point where the guide had mentioned.

It was really a safe and lovely place to play in water.Myself and Ebychan sat on a rock and soaked our feet for long time in the chilling stream.


Getting down we were exhausted and were very hungry. Zooooooooommmmmm……. We rushed to Hotel Noorjahan to have the delicious chicken biriyani 😛 .

Footnotes :

As mentioned earlier there are no shops nearby, other than a buttermilk and lime juice selling man(that too only on weekends). Please carry your snacks and water cans, and its a pretty clean place so do keep it clean by not dropping your wastes.

Just behind the ticket counter, a room is there for ladies to change dress.
If there is too much crowed- guides won’t allow you into water.

Luck matters – If elephants are present on the trail, then officials can cancel the trek at any time.

Parking place for big vehicles are provided.

Location :

Dhoni Waterfalls
Puthuppariyaram, Kerala 678591
085476 02073

Its a really good spot if you love trekking, want to enjoy nature and need a break from busy town then you love Dhoni waterfalls as we loved it.

Watch Video here

As long as we live, we’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing.


Petrol : 100 Rs.
Entry Pass : 200 Rs. ( Rs.100 for each )
ButterMilk soda : 35 for two
Total : Rs.335
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