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Are you in Kochi, and looking for break from crowded city and tourist spots? Then Mastyafed aquatourism center at narakkal kochi is an absolute gem of a place.

Matsyafed aqua tourism centre at Narakkal, Kochi is a mini adventure picnic spot for family as well as for youngster. Matsyafed  follows eco friendly aqua tourism with the ambiance of fishfarms and backwaters.

Narakkal aqua tourism centre in Kochi is one of our favourite spot for myself and Ebichan.

We have been there before our marriage and since then we fell in love with it.

About Matsyafed Aqua Tourism Centre

Matsyafed is a picturesque patch dotted with huts, coconut trees and fish farms. Its owned and run by Matsyafed, a Kerala government entity.

Matsyafed lies hardly 15Km from Ernakulam town and 12km from Cherai beach. From out it looks very attractive with different varities of Hammocks and painted coconut trees. The ticket counter of Matsyafed Aqua tourism center is just beside the road.

Ticket tariff  INR 200 per Adult and INR 100 per kids.

People can spend a whole day here with 200 Rupees package, which includes a welcome drink, lunch, ice cream, boating, fishing and making use of hammocks and huts there.

From the ticket counter there is a bridge that connects the other side.

It was really nice to see many kinds of hammocks all around and little huts constructed for shade.

Unlimited Fish Curry Meals with ice-cream

We were really hungry as it was lunch time, we directly moved to the hall and had nice homely lunch prepared by women self help groups. Lunch is a feast of rice, fish curry, curd, spicy achar and fish fry. It was really yummy.

Then it was time to give something sweet to our taste buds. We had ice creams. The climate was bit humid, ice creams soothed us. There is a small store where you can buy snacks and cool drinks.

After having ice creams we sat in one of the hut, and we were watching the people having fun boating, angling and playing in water. Some of the aged family members were taking nap on the hammocks.


When we visited Matsyafed Aqua tourism centre last time we didn’t see coracle or basket boats. We were really excited to get on a coracle ride. It was fun rowing it. We both had to row together to move forward. else it will circle around. Pedal boats, motor boats and country boats are also available.


Once we were done with boating we thought of trying our luck with angling.  If you an angler then you will love Matsayfed aqua tourism center  because whatever you catch is yours and they will get it fried for you, or you can even take home.

You will also get tea and coffee if you arrive before lunch time.

This was the second time that we visited Matsayfed at Narakkal and we not at all bored and we will be happy to visit here again. Highly recommended for people who want to spend time with family and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Notes :

  • Timing is : 10:00AM to 6:00PM
  • Make sure you reach here morning itself else you will miss the welcome drink.
  • You may be asked small amount of money before you go for angling, its just a security deposit which will be returned back to you once you return the rod.
  • You will find variety of fish pickle in the store, dont miss to try the prawn pickle.
  • This time when we visited things seemed little different, example the coconut trees were painted fresh and colourful, we found country boats which were not there when we visited last year. Matsyafed authority takes effort to make minor changes so that the visitors come do not get bored seeing the same activity again and again.

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