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Step into our world… off-trail, unspoilt, luxurious, and in sync with nature…. where days slip away like birds in flight…

1st Wedding Anniversary is a special day, 365 of love adjustments little little fights and loads of enjoyment and a day to celebrate. We Tripjodi had no such special plans to celebrate our first Anniversary, however had thought to go for a ride to our nearest hill station Ooty. ( hardly 85 Km from Coimbatore ).

On the way to Ooty, just 14 km ahead Coonoor on a hair pin bend there is a magnificent view of a water fall flowing from the extreme tip of the hill. As we had no plans, thought of following the waterfalls to find the base bed of it and it was then we realised that destiny had some other plans for us. Following the waterfall lead us to an off-road ride of hardly 15 minutes and the road ended in-front of us with a red and white building and a man signalling some thing to us.
We inquired and came to know that this off-road had lead us to Kurumba Village Resort, which is one of the property under Nature Resorts. Ebichan and myself looked at each other, and thought why not enter the Resort and check how it is.( I shall share some important tips if you are  planning to stay in Kurumba at the end of this blog)
Here we realised that some thing special was going to happen. As we rode in, we were wondered to see the beauty of the Kurumba Resort, the resort was amazing and we took the decisions to celebrate our Anniversary there.

Kurumba Resort

More than the beauty of Kurumba Resort, we were pleased with the hospitality of each and every staff working at Kurumba Resort, Coonoor from the security man to the Gardner the Receptionist all had a smile on their face and were ready to help us.
As we decided to checkin and were done with the formalities, the staff brought a garland of flowers and applied tilak on our fore head. (This is the way they welcome each guest in Kurumba Resort. We felt very special).
The whole property of Kurumba Village Resort covers 14 acres with 22 cottages out of the 22 cottages 2 of the cottages has Jaccuzzies, vehicles are only allowed till reception. To move around the entire Resort you can opt for either your legs or there are cute club cars inside the Resort to move around were ever you like .
We were dropped near our cottage, we had to walk a little to reach our Cottage our cottage number was 109. Let me share extra details of Cottage. Its also called the Honey moon cottage that lies at the extreme edge of the Resort.

Bedroom :

Inside the cottage is a shoe rack cum cupboard area with Nature resort special slippers and beautiful bedroom with soft bed decorated creatively with fresh nutmeg leaves, there was a basket full of fruits arranged on the side table, creative arrangements were made on the sofa next to the side tables, even there was a reading table with collection of books.
For entertainment there is television and inside the table below the television is a cute little refrigerator having soft drinks in it . To cut the chilling cold climate a tea maker with all necessary ingredients like milk tea coffee sugar powder were provided.
Tripjodi stay Kurumba

Bathroom :

Bathroom was very classy decorated with fresh flowers with neat floor and there is a bathtub too. Near to the bath tub is a glass window which gives the magnificent valley view. Felt like a queen to enjoy the warm bath with the awesome valley view.
Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts Bedroom Tripjodi

Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts Bedroom

Balcony :


Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts Balcony Tripjodi

When we reached Kurumba resort it was dark, hence did not explore the balcony. But next day morning we woke up with beautiful bird chirrups from the balcony. The morning view from balcony was rejuvenating, with the sound of birds, water fall cool wind and beautiful view.
 Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts Bedroom Tripjodi
Next day, early morning after spending time in side cottage we came out to explore the Kurumba Resort. There are lots of spice trees all around and most of them are cloves, nut meg, and pepper. We saw varieties of flora and fauna. Walking ahead lead us to the Restaurant.

Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts balcony Tripjodi

Restaurant at Kurumba Resort:

Kurumaba’s Restaurant lies near to the reception, which has no walls, varieties of food are served as a buffet ( both veg and non veg). They also cook live dosas, chappatis/rotis, pizzas, even if the food provided is buffet they do make changes to the food customized as per your request.
Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts restaurant Tripjodi
Best example : I had taken a plate of dahi vada, and asked to add extra chili to it and they did that for me and also added extra cheese. ( that tasted yum). At restaurant food are served for break-fast, lunch and dinner. They used their creativity in labeling dishes as well – by tagging them using tree leaves.

Swimming Pool:

Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts infinity pool Tripjodi

Giving a look down from the Restaurant gives you the glimpse of blue color alluring swimming pool. After getting tired doing all adventurous things we were exited to to take a dip in the swimming pool.
Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts pool Tripjodi
Going near we came to know that its not just a simple pool rather its an Infinity pool with an amazing view .
Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts infinity swimming pool Tripjodi
We waited no longer and jumped into it and enjoyed to the core. For me swimming pool was the second best thing that I loved in Kurumba Resort first one being their Hospitality.

Other Activities 

Time just flied playing in pool, it was 3pm and as soon as we were out fresh from pool we went for a Spice Plantation Tour inside the Kurumba Resort, where we were educated about the different flora and fauna found inside the Resort and their importance to human health.
We even found Australian Fig Tree, which I had never seen before.
Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts Spice plantation tour Tripjodi
Below the Restaurant is Ayurshala, which provides soothing body massage treatments, steam bath and many more relaxing services are provided.
Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts Balcony Tripjodi
Kurumba Resort also has many Adventurous Activitiesinside the Resort. We also tried it, we were guided well and safety precautions were taken to avoid any accidents.
Kurumba Village resort by Nature Resorts adventurous activities Tripjodi
Zip line was my favorite. Adventure activities made us tired and we were sweating bad.
Spice Plantation Tour ended at Tea time, Kurumba Resort has special open area to have tea with a Tea Shop resembling to local tea shop made with mud. The tea is served along with South Indian snacks like pazham boli( banana fry), kizhangu bonda( potato pakora) etc.


After the tea break, with the help of club car we went back to our cottage to rest for a while. At 7pm there was a special activity going on in the Activity Hall, around 7:15 we reached the activity hall and it was Magic show. The magic tricks kept our mouth open for a while. Ebichan went for assisting the Magician and we were all amazed to see the tricks. Every alternative day Kurumba Resort arranges such programs to entertain its guest.
After the entertainment it was dinner time, dinner was awesome with variety of dishes starting from the soups to starters to the main course and finally to the deserts, every thing was deliciously yummy.
Enjoyed our dinner, then we walked from restaurant to our cottage we went near the pool which was beautifully lit up and we also saw tree house been decorated with candles and lights and guests were having their tree top candle  light dinner. Other than tree top candle night dinner Kurumba Resort also provides the option of having dinner in a cave and also beside the pool. You get a private space to enjoy the dinner with your loved one on special occasions.
We reached cottage 109 and it was time to say good night and sleep. For a while we spent some time in the balcony and enjoyed the cool breeze and then fell asleep.
It was next day morning and time had come to bid good bye to Kurumba, when we we were packing a little monkey came into our room from balcony looking at us and searching if any food was available, he went away seeing that there was nothing to eat.
The check out procedures were done, happily we returned back and we will be visiting Kurumba again to cherish our memorable stay and hospitality that Kurumba has given us. Really Kurumba made our 1st:Anniversary memorable .. Thank you for the love and care Nature Resorts 🙂

Inhale the heady aroma of nutmeg, pepper and cloves…A lush space, a refuge for the senses where the land is nurtured and life-affirming moments happen all the time…

Minimum of 14k INR for a Night (varies as per season ):

How to Reach :

By Air : Coimbatore International Airport (CJB) – 40.9 km
By Train : Udhagamandalam railway station 16.5 km, Mettupalayalam Railway Station – 19.5KM By
Bus : Charing Cross Bus Stop 15.5 km

Notes :

-> You will be getting calls from Kurumba Resorts few days ahead your check-in. They will tell you what are the things you have to carry and also other details that you should know before. I surely rate them 10/10 for the care they are giving to their guests right from their booking
-> The network coverage is low inside the Resort, so relax and enjoy your holidays.
-> Please do carry cash with you as its a complete forest area you wont find any ATM’s near by. You will have to drive to Conoor to get cash and other things.
-> As its a forest area you will find different types of animals in and around the Resort. We saw many harmless monkeys and Malabar squirrel
-> They have different activities and special treatments which are listed as “whishneering”. Take a look on it prior booking. ( Kurumba Resort will email you all the details once of wishneering once you make the inquiry on booking)
-> As mentioned above food served is served as buffet in the Restaurant however the chefs  will customize it as per your taste when requested.
-> They provide hair dryers, slippers , tooth brush, comb along with other basic things like soap shampoo etc.
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