Kodaikanal is a beautiful and popular hill station in Tamil Nadu, India. It has picturesque views of valleys, lakes, waterfalls, grassy hills with white clouds around and mist following you.
Last December second week there was heavy rainfall in Tamil Nadu as an effect of  Ockhi cyclone. It was just after the heavy rainfall, we thought of visiting Koadaikanal.  Packed bags, checked our Avvukutan( Bajaj Avenger cruise) and were on our way to visit The Princess of Hills.
The ride was amazing, rainfall had left everything fresh and clean. The weather was super cool and gushing waterfalls everywhere.  It was night when we reached our resort The Shafa Wooden Cottages, Vattakanal. Vattakanal is another beautiful place just 9 km from Kodaikanal ( To read more and watch our videos on our Vattakanal experience check : ).
Places visited at Kodaikanal :
1. Silver Cascade Falls: This waterfalls lies just on the right side of the main road, before reaching Kodaikanal. The recent heavy rains had made the falls wholesome and a sight to be stunned. We stopped here for a while to admire the silvery water cascading down the rocks. As its on the road side it was too much crowded and noisy, and there were a whole load of tourists taking snaps and selfies. There were refreshment stalls nearby from where we ate hot hot bajis. 🙂
2. Kodaikanal Lake : It the one of the evergreen attraction of Kodaikanal. This lake is famous for boating experience and around it there are other activities like cycling, horse ridding and many small shops selling things at a cheaper rate.
I wanted to peddle boat in the Kodaikanal lake with Ebichan, and we did enjoy that, the only problem that we faced during boating was with direction. The lake was completely covered with mist and we had no idea which direction we were peddling. Some how with others help we reached back to the shore.
3. Fairy Falls : Locataed inside Horticulture farm, this is a place with serene beauty its a peaceful and less crowded place. The water falls has got a moderate flow even during monsoons. Construction has been made to view waterfalls closer.
4. Bear Shola Falls : Our favorite waterfalls in Kodaikanal.  You need to walk for about 10 min amidst a forest area to reach the waterfalls.When we reached, we were mesmerized seeing the beauty of waterfalls, it was full fledged. The place is less crowded and the waterfall is safe to dive in.
We will highly recommend this place, if visiting after rains.
5.Moir Point : Moir point is a viewing gallery dedicated to Sir Thomas Moir who got this road built in 1929-31.
This gallery offers a breath taking view of the valley below. But it all depends on the mood of mist, if you are lucky then mist will move and you will get the breath taking view else better luck next time. We were not that lucky 😛
6. Guna caves :  This is one of the common sight seeing places for tourists visiting Kodaikanal. The actual caves are closed with grills to avoid accidents. The path leading up to this spot is cool and covered with tall old trees. There are lots of trees near the caves with roots coiled up like snakes, good place to click a group picture.
7. Pine Forest :  Pine forest is an major attraction for tourist who come to Kodaikanal

Moir point, Guna caves and Pillar Rock view points are nearby. When we visited the mist had no mood to show us the valley view, so we have planned to visit Kodaikanal on a summer. However to feel the mist was also a wonderful experience.

Things to consider :

1. Do not have expectations and enjoy what  ever comes in the way. It can be misty or rainy or sunny, the climate in Kodaikanal in unpredictable.
2. Visit waterfalls after rain or during monsoon. We visited Koadaikanal after heavy rain fall due to Ockhi cyclone, hence could witness beautiful waterfalls.
3. If visiting Kodaikanal in your own vehicle then do not miss to visit Vattakanal.
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