Tiger Hill Cemetery Coonoor


“What could you possibly hope to find in a cemetary?”

“The dead tell no secrets and the living seldom come to visit them.”

Who else other than myself is scared of visiting a Cemetery?

Yes, I feel scared to visit cemetery and its the after effect of watching horror movies. Last time while visiting Connor we ( myself and Ebichan  ) got to know about “The Tiger Hill Cemetery, Coonoor”.

All set, with Google Map’s destination location set as Tiger Hill Cemetery.. We rode as per the directions shown in map, but guess what we ended up in a dead end and there the map spoke out ” You have reached your destination “.. Fantastic isn’t it. I have heard people say do not trust Google maps 100%, that was our first experience.

Ridding back on the same route we luckily found a localite, who was driving in from a pocket road. We inquired about the cemetery, the only response we got from him was “follow me”– that was weird. We were worried following this strange man, and the road he was taking us was too creepy & narrow with dark and huge bushes on both sides.

Finally after few kilometers his brake light glows at a junction. He directed us the way to cemetery and went off the other way with out even responding to our thanks. We continued our search for the cemetery. The road after the junction, lead us to a small village called Upasi were we found many auto drivers who directed us the path and said the cemetery is the dead end of the road.

Road was getting creepier after crossing the village, and it was dark. ‘ Oh My God “, I shouted seeing a glimpse of a old building which was very scary to look at.

Tiger Hill Cemetery Coonoor ooty Tripjodi

We parked our Avukuttan, haunting building is the entrance to the cemetery which is arched and is built with big black stones, it has a gate which was locked. There was no one there other than us.

Through the gate we could see flower bushes and a fountain like thing just few meters ahead the gate. To see more we looked around and found broken wall to enter the cemetery.

Tiger Hill Cemetery Coonoor ooty Tripjodi

Its a beautiful cemetery with green ground and graves of British officials of 1990’s . We took few snaps, fear in ourself grew as it was getting more darker and near to us we spotted the foot prints of bison. Our heartbeat increased, as soon as possible we scooted out from there.

“There were dozens of stones of all sizes in the small meadow. Tall stones, bigger than either of the boys, and small ones, just the right size for sitting on. There were some broken stones. The Runt knew what sort of place this was, but it did not scare us. It was a loved place.”

How to reach : its 6 kilometres from Coonoor, take a turn to Glysedale Farm, Upasi. Just before end of tarred road ends you can find it on your right side. Its a lonely place, we do not suggest going there alone.

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