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How does heaven really look like? From kids to elder ones, we all might have thought about the same at least once in our lives.
We at Trip Jodi can’t find a better answer to it than Leh. Yes, taking a trip to Leh made us realize those snow-tipped mountains and the blue sky was really heaven on earth.

Leh in itself is a blend of three different places with three different cultures and natural beauty. Indian, Tibetan and Buddhism linings constitutes the pristine beauty and culture of Leh. A well – reputed summer and winter attraction, people from the nooks and corner of the world travel to this hilltop region to relax as well as do some trekking, mountain biking, rafting, mountaineering and so on. The palaces, stupas, monasteries, lakes are all the major attractions of this scenic beauty.

Now scroll down to know about some must-see places at Leh, that Trip Jodi has to recommend to you from our own experience.

Leh in winter

Pangong Tso Lake

Some places find their fame in the most unusual ways. Pangong Tso Lake is one among those kinds, which got popular through the epic scene from the Indian movie ‘3 Idiots’. Thanks to the movie that we are glad people knows about the place that beholds absolute beauty spread all across the Indo-China border.

Perfect spot for camp out for travelers to Ladakh, the lake reflects the blue sky and the mighty mountains with a high-speed chill breeze that sometimes has its temperature lowering up to -30 degrees. You can literally visualize the sun passing over the lake all day long.


Pangong Tso Lake Frozen in Winter - Tripjodi


If anyone plans to visit the place, do it anytime between June-September and make sure you bring everything you need because there is literally nothing available to buy at this campsite. Do make sure this place to be in your bucket list to visit.


Pangong Tso Lake Frozen in Winter - Tripjodi



So as the name suggests, Chang La Pass is all about the ‘Pass towards the South” through thick layers of snow and eye soothing beauty. This is the world’s third highest motorable pass with an altitude of 5360m above mean sea level. The nomadic tribes residing here are called the Chang-Pa. May to October is the time to visit Chang La to thoroughly enjoy the snow and the height you conquer. Visiting the pass is not an easy task. Located on your way to Pangong Tso lake, an Inner Line Permit is compulsory to enter the pass and you can easily apply for it online.

THE CHANG LA PASS - Tripjodi - Leh Ladakh

Things to do: Nothing gives more adrenaline rush than passing this thrilling high altitude pass covered with snow throughout the year. Do make sure to visit the Chang La Baba temple here and also to click numerous pictures of the place to treasure for the rest of your life.

Precaution: Reaching high altitude places are thrilling but when going to a place like Chang La Pass, one will face several physical inconveniences like breathing problems, headaches, etc and so do not stay in such places for more than 15-20 minutes.


THE CHANG LA PASS - Tripjodi - Leh Ladakh
THE CHANG LA PASS - Tripjodi - Leh Ladakh

Leh Palace 


Ask for one of the major attractions at Leh city, hands down the lot falls for the Royal Leh Palace. A nine-storied tall building situated on the cliff of a mountain is a prominent symbol of the royal family’s glory in the past. It was in the 19th century that the royal family shifted from the palace and thereafter it started to become a major tourist attraction for people across the globe.

Hailing its resemblance from the Lhasa’s Potala Palace, it is the finest example of medieval Tibetan Architecture. A huge statue of the Buddha graces the palace-monastery and is loved by each and everyone visiting the palace.

Pay a visit to this Royal beauty on your trip to Leh anytime between June-September with a fee of 20 rupees for Indians and 100 rupees for a foreigner.




All vacations are intended to relax one’s mind and soul wrapping up some fine memories from the journey. In Leh, Shanti Stupa does that for you. In the extreme northern side of India, Shanti Stupa is the magnificent and peaceful Buddhist monuments residing on a hill in Chanspa.

Built by the Japanese Buddhists the site gives you the best sunrise and sunset views while stepping through the steep slights. Is Shanti Stupa the best tourist attraction in Leh? The panoramic views of the landscape will shout out the answer to that.




Monasteries are not something you find anywhere around the world. The Hemis Monastery in Leh is extremely famous and visited by numerous tourists for several reasons. This Tibetan Monastery is one of the iconic monasteries in Ladakh on the banks of Indus river and is renowned for the Hemis festival and the related rituals. People wait and marvel the paintings displayed during the festival, the statue of Lord Buddha, Guru Rimpoche and much more.

The Hemis festival is celebrated in June and the interesting side to it is that it happens once in 12 years only. So, one can imagine the level of enthusiasm they have in celebrating this festival. Masked Dance called the Cham, traditional music, good health, spiritual strength are all the major highlights of the festival and which in turn makes Hemis Monastery the most popular tourist attraction in Leh.




Leh Market is one of the busiest markets in Leh city. Surfing through the market, you will spot many shops selling cheap jewelry, clothes including trousers and T-shirts, rucksacks and fanny packs for backpackers, trekking tours, motorbikes on hire and everything you think is needed to survive in such a place.

Leh Market - Night view

Full on from 9 am to 7 pm a day, do not miss out on buying yourself and your loved ones some prayer wheels, prayer flags, kitschy turquoise jewelry, Wall-hangings, Buddha heads, paintings, and postcards.




We did our winter expedition with Triumph Expeditions  

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