“The more you explore nature, the more you fall in love with it. But do with it your loved one and you will feel you are a part of mother nature.”

isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays tripjodi farm house A birthday that could have not got any better. Something peaceful, calm and positive – that’s how I got to celebrate my birthday at Deco Villa, an Ecorganic Farm House stay in Coimbatore. We, Tripjodi chose to explore a lot more about the Agro tourism and farming  and no other option seemed better than Deco Villa.


isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays tripjodi farm house

A stay near Isha Yoga centre in Coimbatore was something that many people used to ask us after knowing about it. Deco Villa is the perfect answer to that question because this Farm house stay in Coimbatore is the closest you can have near Isha Yoga Centre along with the best farm stay experience for families and couples. After two days of such a peaceful experience we recommend Deco Villa to all those who are attending Isha Yoga Centre.

Tripjodi Deco Villa Ecorganic Stay near isha yoga

Deco Villa is not a far away place for us being at Coimbatore. A 13 to 15 km ride from Coimbatore and there you are, at this beautiful vast farm house that gave us an experience nothing less than being on the lap of nature. Its sometimes the small little things that captures our attraction. One of the many things that I liked at Deco Villa was those cute little sovereign antique items including an old radio that they had from across the globe.

isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays tripjodi For anyone who is looking for a pretty spacious stay with their family or friends, Deco Villa has it all with 3 neat and beautiful attached bedrooms with a huge hall. The ample space at this property of Ecorganic stays can easily accommodate nearly from 10 -15 people for a blissful experience. So, even for a team outing with your collegues, what better option can you ask for!

The welcoming we got from that big well-maintained lawn with a glorious fountain when we entered the place was something that I guess no one can beat.


isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays tripjodi We had nothing much of any activities planned in our mind for our getaway at Deco Villa. The very next day we started off with a morning walk along the coconut grooves at this farm stay. Almost 20 acres of the place is covered by the greenery of coconut grooves and mango farm. It was a delight to have seen a sunrise from such an amazing place. Now, walking through that coconut farm, something fun had to happen. It was actually fun to see Ebichan climb all the way up a coconut tree (struggling though) and picking up a tender coconut for me. Enjoying that moment together was something that made me remember why we really are called the Tripjodi! isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays tripjodi farm house

The farm has coconut trees as well as a mango farm, where the latter is in less number. Better if you come during season time to enjoy some delicious aamrass! isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays  tripjodi  tractor


The food at Deco Villa shouts out its freshness and roots very well. Taking the first bite of the delicious food itself it was very clear that the ingredients used are fresh and organic that are actually the pure produce from the Ecorganic farm stay.

isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays  tripjodi  dining


Our farming experience was just going to begin with the dairy farm there at Deco Villa. Milking a cow and feeding the cattles were something I don’t do frequently, but doing it over there was actually a pleasant experience. We were not just doing it out of curiosity or fun, but they actually teached us about it along with some lessons about dairy farming. That’s something you will not get at every farm stay you go at. isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays  tripjodi  tractor

From cutting fodder for cattle to my first ever tractor ride, Deco Villa gave me moments to remember for a lifetime. The tractor ride could not have been a reality for if it was not at Deco Villa. isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays tripjodi

Bonfire and Barbeque

Ending a beautiful day with some quality time around fire with your loved one enjoying super delicious barbeque -that’s how we summed up our dream – like stay at Deco Villa, one among the finest properties of Ecorganic Stays near Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore. isha yoga centre DECO VIlla ecorganicstays  tripjodi bonfire

Learning about agriculture, getting engaged in some farming activities, enjoying nature by being a part of it – if you wish to sum up all these features into a single word, then yes Deco Villa Farm house stay is the most perfect for that.

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