Who won’t crave for a relaxing vacation with their loved ones after a long tiring week of work? A journey which calms your mind and boosts your spirit. If you are searching for such a destination, then, Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu is one such place that we would suggest you. It’s a beautiful place, which is yet to be explored by many so is less crowded also very cheap and affordable.

Kotagiri, a small town in Nilgiris, is a popular hill station. Kota Tribe were the habitants of Nilgiri hills and hence the name Kotagiri . The name Kotagiri simply means ‘mountains of the Kota’. October is the best time to pay a visit to this place as you can experience a beautiful weather during that time. This place is blessed to have the  second best climate in the world and is located in the southeast part of Ooty.

 This trip to Kotagiri was unlike our usual trip. We were accompanied with another couple, who were backpacking for the past one year.

Means of transport:

The distance from Kotagiri to Coimbatore is 64km.

As we were 4, thought of going all the way to Kotagiri by bus. But later on, we thought  to shift our journey from a bus to a taxi. A ride by taxi could save 3 hours of the trip. Also in bus per head it costs Rs. 800 and in taxi it only costs Rs. 2000. After considering the money and time we felt going by taxi is better. We started off from Coimbatore  around 10 AM after having our breakfast from Annandas Hotel, Gandhipuram. 

It took us three hours to reach Kotagiri. It was a beautiful drive, with cool and misty climate. The Lifetime travel mates were enjoying the weather and the visual treat. 


Accommodation at Casseopia

Cassiopeia is a beautiful villa with a spacious hall and 3 double bedrooms with attached washrooms.

It is located in a calm and quiet place amidst tea estate, 10 km away from the main Kotagiri town. 

You won’t be able to hear any other noise other than the bird chirps. So that you could enjoy your vacation without any nuisance and disturbance.

We were welcomed by our caretakers who are available 24×7, and stay on the ground floor of the villa. The view from Balcony is awesome and there are different kinds of flowering plants and well-maintained lawn

We kept our bags and freshened up, taking a warm tub bath. Lunch was served beautifully and was waiting for us.



Food at Casseopia is prepared by caretakers itself, they had prepared homely lunch with rice, sambar, curd, pappad and many more side dishes. The food was really yummy. The caretakers are happy to take orders and prepare food as per the choice of the guests.


Around Cassiopeia:

After lunch we stepped out for a walk, just a few steps ahead we could see the Rangaswamy peak and awesome valleys with tea shrubs.

The famous Kodanadu viewpoint is hardly 7 km from the Cassiopeia.

It was getting dark, the caretakers had already warned us to get back as soon as it gets dark. It is not safe to roam around after that as the place is surrounded by so many wild animals.

As soon as we reached back it had started to rain and we were shivering. We were offered tea and snacks

It was an amazing experience, we will be back to this wonderful place with our families next time 🙂

Foot Notes:


The best place to go with family/friends, the whole villa is yours no one is there to interrupt your privacy other than the birds around.

The vicinity is lonely, so being careful to roam around when it’s dark.

Caretakers are friendly.

There are many interesting books to read and television to keep the entertainment on.

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