Isha yoga center, a spiritual learning center, situated in the downhill of Velagiri hills around 16Km away from Coimbatore. Founded by the sage Sadhguru Vasudev, Isha yoga center is visited not only by the locals but also by the people across the globe with different religious background. We Tripjodi often pay visit to this peaceful place.

Inside Isha:

Once you enter the Isha Yoga Centre, you can see huge parking ground and the giant statue of Adiyogi, which has won the Guinness Record for the title “Largest Bust Sculpture”. After you park your vehicle and enjoy this majestic statue of Adiyogi Shiva Statue, there are well-paved paths that will lead you to the main entrance of the Isha Yoga Center. You can either opt to reach there by foot or on special bullock carts. The end of the path has the Isha Restaurant, that serves healthy vegetarian dishes. We had Veg Pulao and moved on to the entrance. At the entrance, volunteers collect the footwears, mobile phones and any other extra luggage from the visitors and keep them safely in racks. You get a coupon which needs to be returned to get back your items. This is done to ensure that no disturbance is caused by the main yoga center.

Taking a tour inside, you will see the Suryakund and the Chandrakund. In the holy waterbodies, you can take a dip. Moving forward you can see the architecturally magnificent Spanda Hall spread over 64000 sq ft that house a meditation hall, and program facility for residential programmes. What sets this place apart is the Yoga Centre that houses a magnificent Dhyanalinga, a unique and powerful energy-form in the center of the pillar-less dome structure. You can sit and feel the vibrations if you focus completely. This place is not religion specific, and this is well-illustrated by the huge white edifice on the outside with symbols of all religions. Here they have short and long sessions of Yoga, for people who want to stay in the campus for courses, there is an in-house Vanaprastha accommodation too.

There are a lot more things to see and experience inside the Isha Yoga Centre. The best thing we like to do is to sit on the floor of the Dhyanalinga Yogic temple. We sit there for more than 20 minutes by closing our eyes, that gives us so much peace.

In and around the premises you can experience a special aroma that gives lot of positive energy. After spending an hour inside the Yoga Centre we came out. Surely will be visiting this place again and again 🙂


You can reach here by public transport/ own vehicle.

Footnotes :

1) There are many stalls from the parking area, selling different varieties of hand-looms, food, drinks, etc.
2) Parking is chargeable and you need to pay extra for opting bullock cart from parking area to the main Yoga Center.
3) That’s a place, where you can really experience the positive vibe if you make sure that you or any of your family/group member is not disturbing the environment by making noise/talking loudly.
4) Note that they wont allow you to take camera or mobile phones inside the main premises.

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