Being a Coimbatorian not many will be aware that, Coimbatore owns the best tea room in South Asia — The Buddies Cafe.

Tea Tasting Experience at Buddies Cafe

If you are a Tea lover then you must not miss this out!!

We might be having tea daily, but can you imagine of 65+ varieties of tea. Yes!! you read it right, there is a tea room in Coimbatore which has got the tag line as “ First Tea Room in South India”- The Buddies Cafe.

Tripping Jodi is here to share our tea tasting experience along with our guests from Hawaii.

Buddies café owns 65+ varieties of tea, “ each tea leaf/bud is hand picked and is naturally flavoured from fruits and flowers “ claims the founder — Nirmal Raj.

Tripping Jodi with Nirmal Raj, TEO, Buddies Cafe

Nirmal’s father was a tea taster, and from him he got the passion to move one step ahead to do something more, in exploring the aroma of tea.

Tea Tasting session

Tea Tasting session

We started off with the common tea flavour’s like green tea and black tea — it was not just mixing the flavored tea powder in hot water. Rather Nirmal made us to touch and feel the texture of Infused dry leaf and smell the aroma of it, later on he went ahead brewing the tea in front of us.

We never knew brewing tea included considering very minute details,for example green tea is prepared with two tender leaves which has a bud and it needs to be brewed in hot water with a tempetature of 80 degree celcius and time for the liquor to form is 3 to 4 minutes.

After brewing we tasted the hot liquor by bring a spoonful of it to our to slightly-parted lips and sucked it forcefully and noisily into our mouth..Ahhh we could feel the virgin flavor of the tea with the first sip.

We went ahead tasting black tea, white tea, fruit tea and mint tea which had its own unique taste.

There are many other interesting unheard tea flavours like Curvy Hips,Royal Tea, Stress Blocker, Peace of mind ..etc which are prepared with a mix of natural ingredients.

Queen Tea at Buddies Cafe

We really enjoyed it and our favorite flavor was the Queen Tea — which gave a WOW experience to our taste buds with a bit of sweet tangy peppery salty taste.

Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.

We would surely suggest tea lovers to visit this store, location:

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