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Nelliyampathy Hills is a beautiful hill station in Palakad District of Kerala and its hardly 60 KM from Palakkad town. Lying in the lap of Western Ghats, Nelliyampathy Hills are decorated with a wonderful sight of tea, coffee, cardamom and Orange plantation.
We started off from Coimbatore-Nenmara-Pothundy- Nelliyampathy route. The hair-pin bends to Neliampathy starts from the Poyhundi Dam

 Pothundi Dam

Pothundi Dam is one of the oldest earth Dam in India, built in 19th century with Jaggery and rocksalt.
Pothundi Dam has got a garden maintaied on its slopes and the view of Dam with enclosisng mountatins around is a wonderful sight.
Timing to get inside the Pothundy Dam is from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM as we had reached there earlier we enjoyed its beauty by climbing on its walls.
Infront of the pothundi Dam main gate there is a small shop who serve bread omlet tea coffe and other snacks item.
From the Pothundi Dam starts the hair-pin bends through dense forest. On the way there are view points constructed to enjoy the valley view.
At each hairpin bend we can see the Pothundi dam’s beauty at a higher elavation.
The zig zag hair pin bend road ends at junction name “Kaikatty”, its a small village with few tea shops from there we headed to POABS Estate.
POABS estate is a famous estate in Neliyampathy Hills with coffee and tea plantations. Going forward to Neliyampathu we reached the POabs organic store where you can get their own estate products.
One way from there leads to the famous view point in Nelliyampathy,  The Seetharkundu viewpoint and Nelliyampathy Sucide point.
Seetharkund view point is  a beautifull viewpoint which gives the breath taking valley view of whole Palakkad and at the edge of the Seetharkund view point trail we can see the Seethar kund waterfalls, the best time to vist and view the water fall is during monsoon.
Seetharkund is belived to be the place where lord Ram, Lakshman and Godess Sita took rest during their exile period.
At Seetharkund you will also find the famous tree that is a land mark for Nelliampathy. Where where you search for Nelliampathy the first thing you get to see is the gooseberry tree, a landmark of Nelliampathy.  When you move a bit from there you can find the suicide point.
The vehicle  parking area there is POABS organic store where you can purchase farm products.
After the Seetharkund view point we moved to Greenland farm which is nearby the POABS Farm.
Greenland farm have varieties of ducks, emu and Canadian goats, lot more animals and birds. We roamed there for a while and returned to the Pulianpara to have lunch.
Pulayanpara junction is the only place where you get mobile network and some shops.
After having a glass of lemon soda, we planned to go to the Karappara waterfalls and Hanging bridge. Its 8 Km away from the Kaikatty junction. On the way to Karappara is full of tea estates and coffee plantations.
Karappara Hanging bridge is small place where you can soak your legs in water. At monsoon that will be a great waterfalls. But in the summer its just a stream. We clicked some pictures and came back to have lunch.
 Till Karappara, you have KSRTC bus service and its the place where you can sight lot of Great Hornbills in the morning time.
Then we planned to visit Kesavanpara view point in Nelliampathy which is another place where you can get the panoramic view of the Pothundy Dam. When we reached Kesavanpara, we were much hungry and found a shop to have lunch. But they told that we have to reserve our lunch prior. We had some bananas and small tiffin. So if you are going reserve your lunch at some hotel. As its not a crowded destination it will hard to find good shops.
After having lunch we started searching for Kesavanpara. It is hardly half a kilometer from the main road. The hike  through the woods is make you refreshed. Once we reached at the tip of Kesavanpara we saw the Pothundy Dam and that was the best view of it.  On Kesavanpara almost all the time cool breeze will touch your face and you can rest there for sometime. We sat on the rock for 10-15 minutes then we left.
Next destination is the place that we planned to stay. Its Leaf and Roots. The best thing about leaf and roots is that it is in the dense jungle. We accompanied a famous wildlife photographer Mahesh Kalalayam and a hardcore traveler Saviju. Off road ride of 1 KM through the thick forest will take you to a bungalow in the middle of forest like in the fairy tales.
Night we put a Campfire inthe courtyard of the leaf and roots.
In the morning we went for a small walk with Mahesh and Saviju in the forest sighting Great Hornbills, Giant squirrels and lot more in the flora and fauna of Nelliampathy Forest.
We left the Leaf and Roots by morning itself and we were sure that will come again to explore more.
#1 To book leaf and Roots call 8608871834
#2 You wont find shops on the way from Pothundy Dam to Neliyampathy , ensure that you carry bottles and snacks along with you.
#3 If you are planning for a stay in Neliampathy arrange it prior.
#4 There are check posts on the way and the timing at the check post is from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
#5 You may face mobile phone network issues do better make your calls before Pothundy Dam,
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