We were in Goa last summer, beaches were damn sunny. So we were in search of a place in Goa where we can get refreshed, and Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary and spice plantations were the options. After doing some research we came to know that Mhadei is a deserted place, not many have explored it fully. Then its for us.

We jumped on the scooter and started riding towards Valpoi. When we were nearing the Mhadei, the climate was changing, it started with drizzling and when we crossed each mile the rain was getting much stronger. We took breaks in petrol bunks when it got heavy.

The roads to Mhadei, we can’t write about it. Its an experience. Deep forests on both side and we didn’t find anyone on roads for a long. That much deserted it was.

There was no sign boards on the road. So don’t think that you lost the way. you can’t check maps too. No mobile network so far. Only way is to be optimistic and ride straight. Its a great drive, if you love driving, but once you get there, no check posts, no guides and actually no roads into the forest.

roads to mhadei

roads to mhadei

Seeing a board with tariff and an forest office was like we got someone to guide us. But when we tried the officer doesn’t know Hindi, English he spoke with his own native language. We payed Rs.80/- for scooter and us as entry fee and we were in. The real puzzle was finding the locations to go. We found a board and started exploring each.

checkpost at Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary

checkpost at Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary

Once within the boundary of the sanctuary, take any of the detours into the villages of the region and you will love getting lost amidst nature.

If you are a nature lover this is the place to be, nobody else around you rather than dark woods and lovely streams. There is two hiking trails you can take from the road. A great walk through nature.

Mhadei is the name of the river near which the sanctuary is located and it was sad to see dead river in the forest even its raining most of the time.If you love nature, this is a great break from the sun, sand, sea, beach, beer, party, food and all the other things that Goa is renowned for.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

William Shakespeare

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How to reach the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
By Road: The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is well connected by road from all places in Goa. Bus Stand in Sattari town is 35 km (18.64 miles) away from the sanctuary. Bus and Taxi services are available to reach the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. It took around 2hrs bike ride from Calngute for us.

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